Vendor Stall | An online stall for market vendors


Can I accept payments through the app?
Not yet, but soon. I'm currently building the payment integration compomnent with Stripe, which will allow customers to pay for their orders online. Payments will be automatically transferred to the vendor minus transaction fees, and the vendor will be able to withdrawal funds to their account.
Does the service cost anything?
The service is completely free to use. When payments are added, a small fee will be added to each transaction. This feature is completely optional.
As a market manager, can I invite my vendors via the platform?
Yes! Once you've signed up, you can invite individual vendors to join your market and set up their stall. You just need the stall name and stall owner's email address.
Am I able to process tax documents?
The app is currently only set up to manage products & orders, not payments. Payment for goods currently needs to be handled between vendor and customer on collection/delivery. However, I'm busy integrating a payments feature into the app, which will allow customers to pay for orders via card or transfer using Stripe. There would be a small transaction fee per order and payments are automatically sent to vendors when an order is placed. A 1099-K form summarizing the gross annual payment volume for tax reporting would be available to vendors who meet the requirements.
Can I manage inventory quantities of each product?
You can set a product's status top 'in stock' or 'out of stock' to disable orders of it.
Can I export order data?
Both vendors and market managers can export order data via CSV.

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